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Monday, August 21st , Year Unknown

Burger Jokes

1.   Burger Jokes  3 stars
Why do the hamburgers beat the hot dogs at every sport they play? Because hot dogs are the wurst!... view the article

2.   Burger Jokes  3 stars
Why do hamburgers make poor pigeons? They won't talk no matter how you grill them!... view the article

3.   Burger Jokes  3 stars
Why do burgers laugh when you surround them with pickles? Who knows - maybe they're picklish!... view the article

4.   Burger Jokes  3 stars
Why can any hamburger run the mile in under four minutes? Because its a FAST food!... view the article

5.   Burger Jokes  3 stars
Why aren't burgers good at basketball? Too many turnovers!... view the article