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Monday, August 21st , Year Unknown

Waiter Jokes

1.   Waiter Jokes  2 stars
A waiter brings the customer the steak he ordered with his thumb over the meat. "Are you crazy?" yelled the customer, "... view the article

2.   Waiter Jokes  2 stars
Waiter: "Tea or coffee, gentlemen?" 1st customer: "I'll have tea." 2nd customer: "Me, too - and be sure the glass is c... view the article

3.   Waiter Jokes  3 stars
"Waiter!" shouted the furious diner, "How dare you serve me this! There's a damn TWIG in my soup!" "My apologies," said... view the article

4.   Waiter Jokes  2 stars
Waiter: Why are you taking so long to order? Diner: I can't decide whether I want heartburn or nausea.... view the article

5.   Waiter Jokes  2 stars
Waiter, waiter, this lobster's only got one claw. It must have been in a fight, sir. Then bring me the winner.... view the article