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Sunday October 10, 2004

America's lifestyle diva is making her at home in her new home - prison. Martha Stewart the former CEO of multimedia empire Martha Stewart Omnimedia - a position she had to quit - is now humble prisoner 55170-064. She is incarcerated in "Camp Cupcake" - the nickname for the austere federal women's prison in West Virginia.

Her new home in Alderson jail is a humiliating comedown for a woman who built a massive business empire on her vision of homemaking. After a strip search, she had to swap her usually fashionable clothing for the prison uniform - khaki shirt and trousers, and black boots. More humiliation was in store when she had to share a bunk bed in a small cubicle, in place of her mansions in New York and the Hampton's.

The queen of interior design is serving a five month sentence for lying over a stockbroker trade. She will earn 10 cent an hour for working in jail. She is banned from running her own business while a prisoner. Stewart drove to the prison at speed just as dawn was breaking, denying press photographers pictures of her arrival to prison.

She opted to serve her time for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to prosecutors over a $45,000 sale of shares, rather than wait for the outcome of an appeal. She did this to dampen down speculation about the future of her business. She has steadfastly proclaimed her innocence throughout. In an ABC 20/20 interview after the sentence was imposed she told Barbara Walters: "I didn't cheat the little people... We're all little people. I didn't cheat anybody out of anything."

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